Juba Bridge to reopen in three weeks

Juba Bridge to reopen in three weeks
Juba Bridge repair prompted jam which has also affected pedestrians (photo credit: courtesy)

The Minister of Information Michael Makuei said one side of the Juba Bridge under renovation will officially open within three weeks.

Makuei said the development came in the brief given to the Council of Ministers by the Minister of Roads and Bridges Simon Mijak Mijok Friday.

According to the minister, the process was initially supposed to take 45 days, but it now will finish within three weeks. This means there are pending 17 days for the work to finish since the start on October 7.

“As of now we are left with about 17 days to finish the process so the bridge will officially be opened within three weeks from now,” said Makuei on Friday.

However, Makuei revealed that the government did not pay the company that is renovating the bridge but said the owner vowed to finish the work as scheduled.

“Simon Mijak appreciated the British engineers and Rhino Company for their effort to rescue the bridge and that up to now Rhino Company is operating using its own money because, at this moment, we have not paid Rhino Company anything,” Makuei revealed.

“But because the owner of the company, comrade Atem, is a committed South Sudanese, he is ready to complete the job after which we may find out how we refund him whenever we get the money,” said Makuei.

The bridge was closed on October 2 for 45 days for repair of its rehabilitation of the outbound lane leading from Juba to Gumbo.

According to the executive director of the road authority, Engineer Kenyatta Ware, some of the damaged panels will be changed and other light activities on the lane to replace them.

The bridge was also renovated in April 2020, when parts of the super-structures holding it were damaged by the same company that cost an estimated amount of $4 million.

A bridge that was constructed by the British colony in 1972 also underwent repairs in 2008.