Jonglei appointment row hits new twist

Jonglei appointment row hits new twist
Deenay Jock Chagor, Jonglei State Governor (photo credit: courtesy)

Members of the Jonglei State Workers’ Trade Union have accused area governor Deenay Jock Chagor of threatening the union to call off strike after the latter issued 72- hour notice last week.

The trade unionists said Chagor claimed that the union wrote the petition in collaboration with the civil society organisations associated with the controversial call for regime change.  

However, the union resolved to hold a meeting tomorrow to decide on the next course of action.

Speaking to The City Review from Bor, area civil society activist Bol Deng Bol, said Governor Chagor should listen to the voice of the people instead of imposing his decision upon them.

 “He threatened and accused them that they were agents of the regime change. He commanded them to end the petition but they could not do it because what was indicated in the petition had not been accomplished,” Bol said.

“The Governor said that the Director Generals were appointed through the consent of the council of ministers. He refused to reverse his decree and instead threatened the union to end the petition.”


The union wrote a petition over the last weekend asking the Governor of Jonglei State to revoke his Gubernatorial Decree of appointing Director-Generals in the state within 72 hours.

The union alleged that the appointments were based on irregularities and violation of the right quota in the appointing of state officials.

They threatened to take necessary measures if the governor failed to respond positively to their petition letter.

 “We write to urge your leadership to consider this appeal and act accordingly within three days (72 hours) upon receiving this petition, failure to do the needful; the Workers’ Trade Union will be left with no option but to exploit other measures within our reach,” they said.

“It is, therefore, upon this understanding on realising how un-procedural this order is that the leadership of WTU, on behalf of the entire Jonglei Civil Servants, hereby petitions your esteemed office to unconditionally revoke the Gubernatorial Order NO. 4/2021.”

Earlier criticism

Citizens from the state also pointed out that the appointment did not meet the proper standards saying that the sharing ratio was not observed.

“Was the ratio not supposed to be Greater Bor (5), Greater Fangak (5), Greater Akobo (5) and Pigi County (2)?” Juuk asked in a Facebook post. “In this list, Greater Bor is having two DGs (Director Generals) only (No. 4 and 10). No 11 is from Pigi County. Other 14 DGs are from Greater Fangak and Greater Akobo,” said Kuol Juuk, a resident in the state.

Bol said the governor had violated major provisions of the agreement on principles of inclusivity, diversity, equity and 35 per cent affirmative action.

“Article 1.18.9 and 1.4.6 of R-ARCSS 2018 states that institutions and mechanisms that are necessary for the establishment of RTGoNU provided for in this agreement shall be established or reconstituted during the pre-transitional period taking into consideration inclusivity and national diversity of the people of South Sudan.”

Bol advised Governor Chagor and his Deputy Antipas Nyok to sit down and possibly reverse the gubernatorial order. He added that some of the director-generals should be replaced with women so that 35 per cent of women’s representation would be ensured.