JCC warns screen football fans against noise

JCC warns screen football fans against noise
Mayor of Juba City Council Kalisto Lado (left) in a recent event (photo credit: Juba City Coucil)

The Mayor of Juba City Council (JCC) Kalisto Lado has warned local fans supporting European soccer tournaments against making noise in the residential areas at night.

Speaking to City Review yesterday, Kalisto said the council does not prohibit watching football but will remain firm on prohibiting noise.

“That one is the red line. There is a limit to any freedom. The enjoyment of someone should not be at the expense of others,” he said.

He urged clubs hosting such fans to enforce rules and not interfere with residences.

 “We have students studying, people who are sick, and those resting in residential areas, there should be some rules for the clubs,” Lado emphasized.

He suggested that clubs should “make soundproof halls where the sound of their voices will not come out”.

He questioned some behaviors of fans hinting that they are unruly.

“So what is that happiness that comes as a result of nocking iron sheets, shouting, and making noise to the extent that will be heard 100 meters away? It is even harmful to their health,” he said.

Mr. Lado said the city council wants the city to reflect the standards of all the capital cities in the world because South Sudan is not exceptional.

 “So our citizens should understand that all these rules, all the regulations, and steps taken are actually for the benefit of the citizens. It is actually for their right [and] for their safety,” he said.