Islamic Relief rolls out nutritional program in Tonj

Islamic Relief rolls out nutritional program in Tonj
An Islamic Relief health officer attending to Ayom Akon at Atienpole Primary Heath Care Unit (PHCU) in Tonj North County (photo credit: courtesy)

Community members in Atienpole- Akop in Tonj North County of Warrap State have received a nutritional boost after a non-governmental organization known as Islamic Relief introduced food provision in its medical service outlets.

The health facility is now offering both medical and nutritional services while an outreach department has also been established to cater to the dietary needs of children who were cut off from basic services due to lack of accessibility.

Children under five years are screened while severe cases are enrolled in a dietary program. This involves admitting children for weekly plumpy nuts feeding to boost their protein intake.

Ayom Akon Nyakuoch is a 31-year-old mother whose five-year-old male child recovered after receiving treatment at a health facility run by the organizations says: “Before Islamic Relief, we used to trek about 20 kilometers to access the nearest health services in Akop. During hard times, I used traditional medicinal leaves.’’

Snake bites, which often occur in the forest as women hunt for traditional leaves which are widely used to treat their families, have caused deaths in Tonj North. “Before my parent passed on, I inherited the practice of using these leaves for treating illness from my parent”, says Ayom.

Ayom further said “we cannot communicate emergency because the Payam is lacking mobile communication network, no grinding mill to prepare flour, the people here use traditional stone for preparing sorghum flour which often led to many women getting miscarriages due to feeding on rough flour. I call upon the government to improve feeder roads to improve service delivery.”