Invest in sports, harness youth talents- Kuany tells government

Invest in sports, harness youth talents- Kuany tells government
Captain Kuany Ngor Kuang (photo credit: courtesy)

The South Sudan National Basketball (SSNB) team captain Kuany Ngor Kuang has said promoting sports in the country would pave way for a peaceful co-existence among youth.

The skipper said South Sudanese youth were hardworking people, talented, and with a lot of potentials but lacked the chance to exercise such talents fully due to conflicts ravaging the country.

“I think sports can be used as a catalyst to help in promoting peace and bring South Sudan together,” he said.

Kuang said his experience while in Kigali, Rwanda, for AfroBasket 2021 competitions opened his eyes to see the value of a united youth.

“I just liked when we got to play [and] the whole country went behind us. [This is] not only talking [of] here (home) but [also] people from Australia, USA, Canada as well as worldwide. People really liked the way we played and they supported us,” he revealed.

He spoke to City Review over the weekend in an exclusive interview from Juba.

“What touched me, and I hope [touched] my colleagues [too was that] whenever the National Anthem is being sung, you can see how people shed tears; it is something amazing but it [also] brings [emotions] to someone [whose mind] gets back home,” Kuang narrated.

He said people really want to see a young country where people live in peace.

According to him, the message he got from all these South Sudanese and other supporters who were crying throughout the game was that South Sudan needs peace today and not tomorrow.

“It really brings everyone together and it is a really positive tool that everyone can use to push the country forward. So, I really think that it is a great catalyst that the government needs to invest in.”

However, he expressed patience saying that things will be better as time goes even as he encouraged the youth to continue believing in their talents.

“My message to the country’s youth is that let [them] keep on believing, we know that it is very hard but let them keep on pushing hard,” he advised.

“In every situation, there will be somebody to love you, people that want to see you succeed and people that want you to do well. Never give up,” he added.

He said he joined the National Basketball team when he got the call from Luol Deng, who is the President of the National Basketball Federation in zone five qualifiers in Nairobi, Kenya.

Since then, he became one of the finest players in the team.

“When I got the call, it was something that I always wanted to do: to represent my country in one way or another.

“It is an amazing and special moment to see all countries come together to support the team,” he said.