Greater Pibor endangered by floods- official

Greater Pibor endangered by floods- official
Undated photo showing villages submerged in floods in Greater Pibor Area. [Photo: Courtesy of MSF]

Five out of the seven counties in the Greater Pibor Administration Area have been have submerged in the floods following persistent rainfall in the area.

Chairperson of Relief Rehabilitation Commission Nyinginga Okanho Kiro said the counties affected include Vertet, Likwangole, and Gomuruk, Pochalla north, Pochalla south, Okadi- Dholam, and Lurdook.

“More than 20 shops and other small scale businesses where the local communities sell their commodities have been flashed away by the heavy floods, and the level of the water is still increasing,” he said.

Kiro said most people have sought refuge in the high land areas in Ajiango, Luwaro, and Adonggol.

“Most people from those areas have moved away from their homes to settle in schools and in some higher areas and other places [that] we are not yet sure that they will stay there for long as the floods keep on increasing. This is life-threatening,” he said.

Kiro was speaking to City Review in a telephone interview yesterday from Pibor.

He said several farmers’ crops have been destroyed in areas such as Ajwara, Otallo, Nyium, Dakteek.

Kiro warned that if the heavy rain continues the communities will incur lots of losses due to destroyed shelters and food sources. He added, “this might stop some social services from the communities such as health and schools as the children will access classrooms due to the floods.’’

No numbers yet

However, Kiro said they were yet to collect the data on the number of households affected by the floods since the level of the water is still increasing.

He called on the national ministry of humanitarian affairs and disaster management to assess the area.

 “At the moment there is no support being given to the displaced persons but this is what we are preparing together with the minister of humanitarian affairs to assess the situation,” Kiro stressed.