Govt says no special salary structure for doctors

Govt says no special salary structure for doctors
Male side of the medical unit of Juba Teaching Hospital (photo: courtesy)

All government doctors are entitled to the 100 salary increment like other civil servants working in different ministries across the country, Office of Vice President for Service Cluster Hussein Abdelbagi Akol has said.

This was decided in a meeting held between Vice President Abdelbagi and the doctors at Juba Teaching Hospital who were on strike over little payment and poor accommodation.

Speaking to The City Review on the telephone yesterday, the Press Secretary in the Office Vice President for Service Cluster, Gabriel Kiir said Vice President Abdelbagi agreed to address the demands of the doctors in the area of accommodation and security.

“However, in the area of salary, they will go with the same current 100 increments for civil servants across the country,” Kiir said.

“Things to do with the salary they have to go with the rest of the civil servants in different ministries across the country.

“Some of these needs can be addressed immediately and some of them in the medium and long term and one which can be addressed in the short term include accommodation issue of security,” Gabriel said.

He said Abdelbagi accepted the demands and he assured the doctors that he would use his power to settle them.

He said the doctors have agreed to continue working while the dialogue continued.

Last week government approved a new salary structure for civil servants and army officers with a 100 percent increment effective on September 29, 2021.

A doctor with Grade 1 will get SSP13,580 and Grade 17 gets SSP2,378 and a general in the organized forces gets SSP17,000 and Private get SSP 3,728.

Strike notice issued

Also, in August 2021 doctors in the department for Accident and Emergency gave a 72-hour ultimatum to the government mainly from the inpatients’ wards and consultation saying they had not received their salaries for the last three months.

They also complained of lack of accommodation and feeding, lack of incentives, and personal protective equipment.

According to the Department of Accident and Emergency, the hospital lacks dumping equipment for used material such as gloves, face masks, and medical apparatus.

After the 72 hours elapsed, several patients were left stranded during the period the doctors decided to lay down their tools.

Some of the clinical officers claimed the hospital was getting a lot of money from the patients, who always come to get services from them, and yet the administration does not meet their demands.

Also in June 2021, South Sudanese doctors threatened to go on a nationwide strike after the government failed to launch investigations into multiple reports of killings of health workers within the country. However, the strike was called off a day before its planned date.