Gov’t delivers 100 percent salary raise

Gov’t delivers 100 percent salary raise

The government has approved a new salary structure for civil servants and army officers with a 100 percent increment effective on September 29, 2021.

On July 9, President Salva Kiir said all the civil servants’ and organized forces’ salaries would be increased by 100 percent as the first phase immediately when the economy improved.

He made the statement during the state of the nation address on the 10th anniversary of the independence celebration.

Speaking to The City Review yesterday, Minister of Public Service and Human Resources Development, Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro confirmed that the salary structure was approved this week.

He said everything had been completed and they were waiting when the money would be released by the Ministry of Finance.

“Getting that increased salary will depend on the Ministry of Finance and Planning for us we have done our work as the ministry concerned,’’ Bakosoro said.

He said the increment literally meant doubling the salaries in compliance with the promise the government made when South Sudan turned 10 years old.

 “It is a 100 percent increment of salary which means if you are getting SSP5000 you will get SSP10,000 [after] increment,” Bakasoro told City Review in a telephone interview yesterday.

When asked whether the government factored in the rise in inflation rate which could nullify the impacts of the salary raise, Bakosoro responded: “On the issue of the markets if you compared to the amount given or increased is not my area we are dealing with salary’’.

According to salary structure increment,

An employee of Grade 1 will get SSP 13, 580 Grade 2 will get 11,680 SSP Grade 3- 11,100 Grade 4-SSP 10,520 Grade 5 –SSP 10,120 Grade 6-SSP 9,650 Grade 7-SSP 9,416 Grade 8-SSP 8,806 Grade 9-SSP 8396 Grade 10-SSP 6,950 Grade 11-SSP 5000 Grade 12-SSP 4125 grade 13 3,878 Grade 14-SSP 3,728 Grade 15-SSP 2,678 Grade 16-SSP 2528 and Grade 17-SSP 2,378.

 For South Sudan People Defense Forces [SSPDF], South Sudan National Police Services and South Sudan National Security Service their new salary structure are, General-SSP 17,000 Lt General –SSP 16,500 Maj. General –SSP 13,580 Brig. General –SSP 11,680 Colonel SSP 11,100 Lt Colonel –SSP 10,520 Major –SSP 10,120 Captain –SSP 9,650 1st Lt-SSP 9,416 2nd Lt-SSP 8,806 RSM -SSP 8,396 SM –SSP 6,950 SGT-SSP 5,000 Corporal –SSP 4,125 L/Corporal SSP 3,878 and Private SSP 3,728.

In September 2021, several civil servants working in different government institutions demanded their three-month salary arrears. The civil servants said they had not received their salaries since June.

On August 30, during the first session of the parliamentary sitting, President Salva Kiir directed the Minister of Finance to resolve the delay in the salaries and together with the parliamentarian should restructure the salary scale of civil servants and organized forces.

GradeNew Salary
Grade 113,580
Grade 211,680
Grade 311,100
Grade 410,520
Grade 510,120
Grade 59,650
Grade 79,416
Grade 88,806
Grade 98,396
Grade 106950
Grade 115000
Grade 124125
Grade 133,878
Grade 143,728
Grade 152,678
Grade 162,528
Grade 172,378
Table showing new salary structure of civil servants
RankNew Pay
Lt. General16,500
Maj. General13,580
Brig. General11,680
Lt. Colonel10,520
1st Lt9,416
2nd Lt8,806
Table showing new salary structure of organized forces