Governor Ngor’s office rubbishes border accusations

Governor Ngor’s office rubbishes border accusations
Northern Bahr el Ghazal State governor Tong Aken Ngor (photo credit: YouTube thumbnail)

The office of Northern Bahr el Ghazal State governor Tong Aken Ngor has denied links to the border conflict in Aweil West County that sparked demonstration and subsequent call for the removal of the governor.

On Thursday, some elites of Aweil West Community in Juba led by a prominent businessman, Ayii Duang Ayii accused Governor Ngor of rejecting the directive by the First Vice President Dr Riek Machar to return administration of Ajuet and Chimel Payams to Aweil West County.

The group alleged that upon receiving Dr Machar’s directive, the governor bribed some members of the community to stage a protest in favour of his interest to annex the two areas to Aweil Municipality.

Mr Duang called on President Salva Kiir to remove Governor Ngor as the only solution to restore peace and stability in Aweil, alleging that the governor was a dividing factor among the community members.

“SPLM leadership should withdraw the current governor and subsequently appoint a competent SPLM cadre to restore the lost unity for the people of greater Mading Aweil. [This is because] the current governor remains a dividing factor of Aweil State,” said Duang during a press conference on Thursday.

However, in response to the accusations, the Press Secretary in the Office of Governor, Emmanuel Del Peter, said the accusers of the governor wanted to buy the public attention to tarnish his image.

“That one is not true, the governor cannot reject directive from the First Vice President that is number one, number two, and those payams are still now under Aweil West County. There is no official document written by the governor of Northern Bahr El Ghazal State annexing the two payams to Aweil Municipality up to the present.

“There are some members who want to politicise the situation to buy the public attention, but that is not true. The two payams are still under Aweil West County,” said Del in a phone call interview with the City Review on Friday evening.

On October 11, 2021, Dr Machar wrote to Governor Ngor clarifying the location of Ajuet and Chimel Payams and directed him to immediately return the administration of the two areas to Aweil West County.

The letter which the City Review obtained a copy explained details of the previous local governance of the county and the administration of the two payams that have never been part of the Aweil Municipality.

Though Mr Del admitted about the letter, he said it had not officially been delivered to the office of the governor.

Mr Del explained, “The First Vice President directed the governor to let the two payams of Aweil West which are Chimel and Ajuet to immediately report to the headquarters of Aweil West County. It was written and up to now the governor has not received that official document from the office of the First Vice President.”

“The document was found on social media by the members of the community. And, when they got the document, they immediately reacted to what was said by the First Vice President. They went on demonstration yesterday [Thursday] rejecting the directive of the First Vice President.

“If the document reached the governor, there is no way that he can reject the directive of the First Voice President as we know people are implementing the revitalised peace agreement,’’ he said, and added: “The governor is waiting to receive the directive officially and then it will be implanted.”