Governor Futuyo orders police to protect citizens

Governor Futuyo orders police to protect citizens
Western Equatoria State Governor Alfred Futuyo (photo credit: courtesy)

The Western Equatoria State Governor Gen. Alfred Futuyo Karaba has directed all the police officers to stick to their mandate of protecting the citizens and their property.

Futuyo said it was high time for the police officers to create a conducive environment for their citizens by protecting them and their properties in the state.

“Our people will be safer only when you protect them, together with their property; it is your mandate to do what is needed to keep them safe,” Governor Futuyo stressed.

He gave the directives during their meeting with the new Western Equatoria State Police Commissioner Maj. Gen. Albino Mariono Mato and other senior police officers in the state.

“If you know your duties of which it is protecting citizens from crimes including, other duties which are known by you, therefore I am saying, you must do the right thing at right time and in right place,” Futuyo ordered.  

He also urged the police to be friendly to the citizens adding that being friendly to people would enable the police to carry their duties of maintaining law and order among the members of the community.

“Creating a relationship with them will make your (police) work easier because they will be reporting crime cases to you because those criminals live within the community,” he stressed.

However, he called on the public to respect the police officers and urged them to report any criminal activities in their area to the police.

The new Commissioner of Police Maj. Gen. Albino Mariano Mato assured Governor Futuyo to protect everyone in the state including their properties regardless of their parties or tribe.

“I want to assure you that the officers will continue to play their role of maintaining law and order in the state, meaning when we maintain the order, everyone will be protected regardless of their status,” he promised.

He also vowed to make all necessary reforms with the police in the state saying it was important for the police to be trained on how they can relate with the community.

According to the Police Commissioner, the meeting was centered on discussing the strategic plans on how police personnel can fully participate well in their duties of protecting citizens from criminals.