Governor Adil’s decision final, says Spokesperson

Governor Adil’s decision final, says Spokesperson
Emmanuel Adil Anthony, Central Equatoria State Governor (photo credit: Gubernatorial Press Unit)

The Press Secretary at Governor Emmanuel Adil’s office has described social media posts claiming that Kalisto Lado has been reinstated as Juba City mayor as fake and merely designed to confuse the public.

Unverified claims emerged from some social media users alleging that President Salva Kiir had summoned Governor Adil over growing public discontent over the mayor’s removal, leading to the reinstallation of the ex-mayor.

In response to the claims, Derick Derrickson, the press secretary at the governor’s office, took to social media to denounce the information, saying it was cheaply designed propaganda by some hired elements.

“I would like to categorically make the following crystal clear before the general public that this is propaganda of the highest order ever as cheaply propagated by hired elements to advance their selfish interests, as known by many already,” he said.

He added: “Be informed that, the Governor is discharging his gubernatorial duties normally without any of the purported summonses as propagated by this disgruntled camp.” “The decision of Governor Emmanuel is duly taken as it is within his prerogative to appoint and dismiss any appointee by him (like the mayor now). “

He said there is no cause for fear in whatever way the publicists are attempting to portray it.

“Therefore, the substantive decision taken by the wise and abled leadership of Governor Emmanuel remains FINAL and UNCHANGEABLE whatever the case as it is within his competency as the sitting Governor of Central Equatoria State who appointed him via Gubernatorial Decree No.12/2021 AD,” Mr. Derickson posted.