Government has performed well by restoring faith in Juba-Nimule Road

Government has performed well by restoring faith in Juba-Nimule Road
Juba – Nimule Highway (photo credit: File)

Security along Juba-Nimule road has significantly improved since the meeting held between the government and the foreign truck drivers that resulted in an agreement that tasked the authorities with the provision of security along the highway.

Traveling along Juba-Nimule road between July and August had not been easy due to rampant attacks that were taking place on the highway. And, several people including the two catholic nuns lost their lives at the hands of unforgiving highway bandits baying for the blood of innocent civilians.

During this period, traveling along the Juba-Nimule was a matter of life and death. One Kenyan truck driver said he often recites the Lord’s Prayer before he leaves for Juba and also when going back to Kenya. This clearly shows how deadly the road was. However, the situation has greatly improved following the security measures being taken by the government.

As it is always said, give credit where it’s due! So, thanks to the authorities for the tremendous job of restoring safety along the highway. Although no security has been achieved 100 percent this improvement needs to be recognized by the citizens especially the frequent users of the Juba-Nimule road. This is because even the developed countries such as the United States and Britain also do experience insecurity from the individuals and armed criminals sometimes.

This security boost along the highway should continue to grant the travelers safety and should not be based on the agreement made with the foreign truck drivers. Even with the strike of the foreign truckers, the government should have acted urgently to provide security along the road instead of waiting to be tasked by the foreign drivers.

It is the primary responsibility of the government to provide security to its citizens. Not only along Juba-Nimule road but also other highways connecting to the states. The authorities need to take the same security measures to combat armed criminals on roads because not every citizen can afford to travel by plane to the states. 

Apart from deploying security forces along the Juba-Nimule road, the government should ensure that the bushes along the road are also cleared to minimize attacks from armed criminals. Road maintenance is very important because it will keep it visible for the drivers to have a watch from a far distance before they fall into an ambush of armed criminals. Several times people and vehicles have been attacked and shot at a very closed range along Juba-Nimule road simply because the travelers just hid in the bushes and the thorny trees along the roadside.

Going forward, there is a need to ensure that the security approach that has yielded positives on the troubled road can now be sustained.