Futuyo denies replacing SPLA-IO commander

Futuyo denies replacing SPLA-IO commander
Western Equatoria State Governor Alfred Futuyo (photo credit: courtesy)

The Governor of Western Equatoria State Alfred Futuyo has dismissed rumors circulating on social media that he had dismissed the SPLA-IO division commander in Liirangu and replaced him with a commander from his tribe.

 “I want to say this to you. What you see on social media is that I have dismissed the SPLA-IO commander in Liirangu who is from Azande and want to replace him with a commander from Balanda, this is not right. The commander of Liirangu is here let him stand up,” Futuyo said while asking the commander to stand up for the public to see him.

He made the statement during the launch of the construction of the new state ministry of an education office complex on Tuesday.

The State Minister of Information William Adriano Baika has described the rumors as wishful thinking and propaganda by peace spoilers who want to create division among the members of the SPLA-IO.

“Only under the power of the division commander from the brigade where the sector commander can decide to change the brigade but once he becomes a division commander, such changes happen at the high level,” Adriano told the City Review in an interview on Wednesday.

No plan to change

Mr. Adriano said there was no such plan to change the division commander of SPLA-IO in Liirango and that such changes can only be done through a military system with the consent of the Commander-in-Chief.

 “The first thing is that when you want to change a division commander, the sector commander has to recommend to the chief of staff and the chief of staff will pass it to the Commander-in-Chief,” he explained.

The minister said some people use social media to express their feelings in a way that can create havoc.

“There is no plan like that. Those are people who want to create havoc through such kind of propaganda so that people can look at it as if there is something like that can happen,” said Adriano.

 “So, that rumor was only created so that it can provoke the situation since the division commander is from Azande but with all these people remain united and the day before we were with him,” Adriano said.