Fresh Juba-Nimule road ambush leaves three dead

Fresh Juba-Nimule road ambush leaves three dead
Juba – Nimule Highway (photo credit: File)

At least three people were injured when an ambulance they were traveling in came under attack on Sunday at Jebelen on Juba-Nimule road.

The St. Mary’s Medical Center ambulance fell into an ambush from unknown armed men when it was rushing with a patient to Gulu Regional Referral Hospital in Uganda after it was referred from Juba.

The three people injured were Omara Martin Taban,18, a nursing student at St. Mary’s Health Science Training Institute in Juba, who was shot in the head, and 22-year old driver Baby Wani who was shot in the arm.

 “The soldier who requested for a lift to reach another barrack was shot in the arm too,” Community Empower for Progress Organization (CEPO) said in a statement seen by City Review.

CEPO termed the attack on the ambulance a crime against humanity.

Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO, said the increase of armed attacks on civilians along the Juba-Nimule road was disturbing.

He called on the government to take responsibility to provide security for the protection of the civilians from the attacks of the armed men along the roads.

 “One day in the future some people will be held accountable for carrying these acts of attacking civilians on Juba-Nimule road.

 “The government should get serious on the matters of protecting civilians on Juba-Nimule road. These incidences are running out of control,” Yakani emphasized     

The activist said it was time for the national police service to translate the plan they revealed one month ago to deploy more forces at a distance of 5 kilometers after every post or less to intercept any banditry.