Fangak County appeals to WFP for food aid

Fangak County appeals to WFP for food aid

Fangak County Commissioner Biel Boutros Biel has appealed for food relief from the World Food Programme (WFP) to help the hunger-struck flood victims.

Several villages within the county have been submerged in floods, leaving residents in dire need of food aid.

“We are appealing to the World Food Programme to move away from treating Fangak as a lean season, but cultivation is no longer applicable in Fangak County simply because of the flood,” Biel said.

“Water has taken up most places. [There is] nowhere to cultivate and, as a result, food is absent,” Biel told The City Review in an interview.

He said there is an urgent need for food aid, especially from the WFP and the national government.

“If the two agencies do not intervene, things are going to get worse, so we hope that they [will] change and assist Fangak County monthly [with] food relief supplies,’’ he said, He added that ‘‘I am afraid [that] in the next few months, Fangak may be declared a famine-stricken place.”

The commissioner said the communities do not have enough food and that they are surviving on fish and water lilies.

“The water lilies in the rivers are getting over, so what will that situation be described as? If there is no total food, it will be a famine,” Biel said.

He said the whole community is coming to his office to ask for food aid, which he said the county is unable to provide food to the entire population.

 “When I have something, I have to give it to them [but] if I don’t have something, I have to tell them the truth. We have to bear it as we continue appealing to the state and national governments and UN agencies,” he said.

 “So, I am not going anywhere. I will be here with our people.

 “We are not even sure how next year will be due to the flood. There are increasing cases of water-borne diseases. Typhoid and malaria cases [are] on the rise, yet we don’t have proper health supplies in Fangak,” he said.