Ex-minister waits for her fate after eviction

Ex-minister waits for her fate after eviction
Rose Lisok Paulino, Former Minister of Gender Child and Social Welfare of defunct Jubek State (photo credit: courtesy)

The Central Equatoria State former Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare, Rose Lisok Paulino, who was forcefully evicted from the government house last month, is still waiting to know her fate.

After spending about one week in the cold within the premises, Paulino decided to return her property inside the house.

She said since then no state officers had come to discuss and determine her fate, adding she is ready to leave the house once she is paid her benefits.

“Since that week, when I was evicted, I did not hear anything from the authorities. I don’t know again because some police officers came here to check whether I have left or not,” she added.   

“I told the state government that if there is no money paid for my benefit, I will not go anywhere because I don’t have a house in Juba. I was staying in my father’s house for two years before relocating to this government’s house,” Ms Paulino told The City Review yesterday.

She revealed there is an investigation going on concerning how the authorities failed to follow the right procedures on how the eviction should be done.

Paulino said when she entered the house and used her own money to renovate it. And according to her, since then, the state government has not refunded the money.

According to the document obtained by The City Review, the state government was supposed to pay over SSP570 million as benefits to its former Jubek State constitutional post holders, technical advisors, and top senior civil servants who served from 2016 to 2020.

The former minister stressed that she was part of the committee that urged the state and national government to compensate them after the dissolution of the 32 states

She served as the Minister of Agriculture before she was appointed as the Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare in the then 32 States by the former Governor Augustino Jadalla Wani.

However, she was relieved from her position as the minister in February 2020 after President Salva Kiir restructured the leadership to10 states to end a long-standing deadlock with opposition groups.

After her eviction last month, the former official alongside the other 10 family members spent nights in the cold within the premises before she return her property inside.