Ethnic clashes in Nimule school reveal our divisive tendencies

Ethnic clashes in Nimule school reveal our divisive tendencies

On Thursday, a communal fight broke out among students of Nimule Model Senior Secondary School leaving three students injured. The three are fighting for their lives at a nearby hospital.

According to the media reports, the issue started last week on Friday when one of the students fought with his schoolmate in the community and one parent of the students in conflict reported the case to the police.

So, when the police went to the school to arrest the boy on Thursday, his friends decided to assault the police that sparked the students’ riot against the police officer.

The fight was allegedly to be among the students from Jonglei and Lakes States.

The inter-communal fighting among the students of Nimule Model Secondary has clearly shown how divided our communities are across the country and this poses a great threat to the unity of the future generation.

This means our leaders and elderly people in the communities have a great task to do to ensure that the young people do not inherit their bad behaviours.

It is not right to allow the young people to follow in their footsteps and take what is happening in their respective communities to the schools.

This is because a traditional school has never been known for promoting bad behaviours such as fighting, theft, drinking, and smoking.  These four bad behaviours and are always not embraced by any learning institution on this earth planet.

Right from the community, the young people should be trained on how to live with each other so that when they join the school, they can freely interact with their colleagues at schools instead of forming up community style of living.

Before 2013, the University of Juba was experiencing a similar problem of tribal fighting on the campus. It took the intervention of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Juba Prof. John Akec to transform the institution and wipe out the warring tendencies.

He managed to instill the spirit of peaceful co-existence among the students right after his appointment in 2012. The first thing he did was to ban the tribal associations that used to operate at the university that had caused frequent inter-tribal conflict at the campus. 

Life in our communities has indeed made it less important for most parents to send their children to the few existing boarding schools in the country.

However, in reality, boarding schools are the only way to build unity among the future generation of this country because the generations have completely lost the vision for unity.

According to a study conducted by the Association of Boarding Schools, the institutions can foster relationships among learners by encouraging them to play together, study, and socialize with their peers.

A diverse boarding school setting with students from different backgrounds offers a special opportunity for growth and learning. The study shows that boarding school students feel more prepared for life after graduation.

There is a need for the government to encourage more boarding schools to promote peaceful co-existence among students who often come from different backgrounds. School is the center of human transformation and socialization and whoever manages to step into the classrooms must learn to live as global citizens.