Dreams crush for Miss Premium South Sudan

Dreams crush for Miss Premium South Sudan
Sarah Majok Moun, Miss Premium Africa nominee (photo credit courtesy)

A 22-year-old South Sudanese girl who was nominated to represent the country in Miss Premium Africa in Nigeria has lamented missing the event due to unfulfilled government promises.

The event is scheduled to kick off today in Abuja Nigeria.

Sarah Majok Moun was nominated for the Miss Premium Africa after seeing off a stiffer competition in South Sudan in April 2021. She was to fly the country’s flag in Nigeria and battle it out with other beauty queens across the continent.

Dreams crushed

She could not come to terms with the fact that her colleagues were already in Nigeria ready for the event while she was languishing in frustrations in Juba after a failed promise by government officials.

Sarah who spoke to The City Review in an interview said she was disappointed because the government failed to fund her despite engaging in an act of patriotism.

“I expected something good for South Sudan. Me going out there with [this] kind of skin, the height and the South Sudanese in me; I felt that I can bring home the crown. But you know it did not happen because the government let us down so that is what happened,” she protested. 

Sarah said she did not expect the whole government including the business community to fail her when all of them are working to develop the country. 

She described it as a letdown for young girls like her who go an extra mile to explore their talents and serve their country.

“I did not expect this from the government as if I was not the winner. I did not expect the whole government and the country failing girls who have talents to represent the country because when you go there you are not going to represent yourself but South Sudan, meaning when you are on stage, you are just taking South Sudan to the stage. 

“If you fall on the stage they will say South Sudan has fell not Sarah. It is sad to learn this,” Sarah said.

She added: “The government is there for the citizens in every country but if the government is standing against the citizens, that’s sad.” 

Sarah said she did not intend to fail South Sudan but there was no willingness from both the government and the private sector, hence her inability to showcase the talent.

Failed attempts

She recounted incidences where she claimed that she was blocked from accessing some ministers, the president and even her state governor. 

She said the only minister who supported her was the national Minister of Culture and Heritage Nadia Arop, who is responsible for beauty pageants and cultural activities in the country.

“Honorable Nadia Arop did not disappoint me. She did her part. She gave me a recommendation letter to all offices to support me and she approved her money.”

However, Sarah narrated that when she hit the road to visit the government offices, officials bombarded her with unnecessary questions like ‘‘where are you from, how did you get this thing and how is it beneficial to the country?’’ 

She said she did not expect to hear such questions from the people working in public offices. 

Appeal for support

Sarah urged the government to support youth who have positive ideas especially when there are opportunities for them to participate and showcase their talents within the country or across the borders.

“The government should open its eyes because we the youth, we are the future of this country. We are carrying the flag and we are raising our country so we should take up space by leading. In case there is something very important like this; it should be taken seriously,” she stressed.

Sarah who one time participated in Miss Achai Wiir was able to make it to the top 10 as it was her first time to participate in such an event.

She was crowned Miss Popularity, which qualified her to Miss Premium Africa South Sudan and she was to represent South Sudan in Nigeria. 

Sarah joined modelling carrier in 2019 immediately after she finished her exams when Miss Achia Wiir advertised on January 16, 2020. 

She said her dad inspired her because through him she joined modelling after sharing the idea with him to the extent that he escorted her to pay the registration fee for the Miss Achai Wiir beauty contest.

“He escorted me to pay the money, and, you know going for training every day, he just takes me for training. He motivated me so well that men would come to the house that they want to marry his daughter but he refuses,” said Sarah.

She said from her community and the family members’ perspective, she is supposed to be married off but her father has always resisted that because he watched beauty pageants and knew how important it is for a girl who has the talent to participate in it.

Because of her passion, Sarah said she feels like helping the needy through the crown and her project for Premium Africa was about promoting education because she comes from a society where young girls are not allowed to go to school. 

After all, most people in her community look at them as their main sources of income by marrying them off at young ages.