Donors inject $170 million to support South Sudanese women, youth

Donors inject $170 million to support South Sudanese women, youth
Rebecca Nyandeng, Vice President for Gender and Youth Cluster (photo credit: Ikilass Henry/The City Review)

The donor community, comprising the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), USAID, and African Development Bank, has contributed $170 million to support women’s and youth’s economic activities in South Sudan.

This was revealed by the Vice President for Gender and Youth Cluster, Rebecca Nyandeng, on Monday.

Addressing governors from the 10 states and the chief administrators of the three administrative areas in a forum in Juba, Nyandeng said the money would help women and youth to pursue their economic dreams and fight poverty in the country.

She added that the donation was a result of the sideline meeting she had with the donors when she was in the US to attend the UN General Assembly in New York.

“When I was in America, I talked about the issues of youths and women and knocked at the doors of the biggest donors [such as] USAID, the African Development Bank, and the IMF, and I think some of you have seen the visit of the IMF here in our country last week,” she said.

She said the money given by the donor communities will be spent to implement programs for youth and women in the states and the three administrative areas because the vast majority of such groups are in the states.

“With the USAID, they have given us $50 for five years for the program of youth and the women, African Development Bank has given $10 million, and IMF has given us $70 million, and World Bank $40 million” she revealed.

“This will not be spent in Juba but in the 10 states plus the three administrative areas,” she stressed.

The VP urged the governors to work collaboratively with the concerned state ministries and women and the youth to enlighten them on the programs the government will design for them.

“We will be working together with you because we know the budget of our population is there. We also have women programs and that is why I was saying my life is easy because I have you as governors and the three administrators to work with the ministers of the states for youth, for women and for sports” she persuaded.

While addressing the UN event, Nyandeng appealed to the donor community to consider capacity building in South Sudan arguing that income generation projects would alleviate the culture of relying on relief aid and improve the living standards of the people.