Deng, Maduot join hands to promote sports

Deng, Maduot join hands to promote sports
Mr. Luol Deng, SSBF President [L] Mr. Augustino Maduot the SSFA President greet each other after discussions in SSFA headquarters (photo credit: SSFA)

The South Sudan Basketball Federation (SSBF) and South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) leaders have agreed to work together to work improve sports in the country.

SSBF President Luol Deng and SSFA President Gen. Augustino Maduot met on Wednesday to discuss sports issues and how the two bodies could work together to develop the sector.

The duo said despite the difference in their federation roles, there was a need for them to work together to achieve one goal of promoting unity and talents.

In their joint statement to the media after the closed-door meeting, Mr. Deng said the meeting was centered on the cooperation of the two sports bodies and how they could work together to achieve a common goal of sport in the country.

“Even though I am the President of the SSBF, I think the goal is how we can uplift sports in the country. Today basketball and football sitting together meaning that hopefully other sports will come together and see each other as one.”

He said having healthy relationships was very important in promoting talents and the development of sports across the country.  

“People know that there is talent in every sport, so having healthy relationships throughout all sports is very important. We don’t want other sport [disciplines] to feel left out,” Deng stressed.

“The second thing is that when the national teams play in international competitions, they are all representing the nation, we are not representing basketball or football federations, we are representing South Sudan,” he added.

Deng added that “At the end, it brings us together and coming together, will bring us peace, peace makes us achieve our goals through the talents each of us intended to do.”


Gen. Maduot, the SSFA president expressed the willingness to work together with the basketball federation and other federations to take sports to a greater height.

“Today [it] is my privilege to receive the president of the basketball federation after their brilliant performance in the AfroBasket 2021, what he has achieved to us as a president of basketball is great.

“His coming to meet us is great to us as SSFA, we discussed a lot of things concerning our working together especially the development of sports at all levels in the country,” he revealed. 

Maduot said Mr. Deng was one of the popular men and known in the basketball family, he can be an added advantage to expose and connect SSFA with those who are willing to support sports activities in the country.