Civil servants demand salary pay

Civil servants demand salary pay
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Several civil servants working in different government institutions have demanded their three-month salary arrears.

The civil servants said they have not received their salaries since June.

On August 30, during the first session of the parliamentary sitting, President Salva Kiir directed the Minister of Finance to resolve the delay in the salaries of civil servants.

Speaking to The City Review yesterday Juma, [not his real name], who works at the customs department said for three months he had not received his salaries.

“This salary delay affects me a lot. Sometimes I end up begging for bus fares to reach the place of work. Sometimes I get into problems with my family members when I am unable to provide,” he said. 

Despite all the challenges, Juma revealed he had never missed going to work.

 “I have hope that South Sudan will change one day and be like the rest of the countries [where] civil servants are given good treatment.”

However, he said sometimes he gets disappointed when the president makes statements and they are not being implemented.

Pledged raise

On July 9, 2021 president Salva said the salaries of civil servants would be doubled but this is yet to be implemented by the ministry of finance.

“I heard about President Kiir’s statement that he was going to pay salaries for June and July soon [and] I have waited but in vain,” Juma said.

“We don’t know what is taking place up to now. We are still waiting though things are hard, we are just there but they should work hard and pay us on time because we have families and children who want to go to school.  Life is really difficult on us,” Akwero said a civil servant.

Levi Simba Lasu, Headteacher of Sadaka Secondary school has called on the government to raise the salaries of civil servants to meet the demand in the market

Lasu who is Grade 5 teacher earning only SSP4,600 per month, said the money cannot buy even a sack of charcoal for the family.

“I want to tell the minister of finance to respect the orders of the president and act according to the orders; not to delay because the more he delays the more people will not respect the president,” he said.

However, on Thursday, the Deputy Minister of Finance Agok Makur was quoted by Eye Radio giving reassurance that there were plans to ensure that the arrears are settled next week.

“Preparations are now in full swing to pay the salaries for the months of June and July…within next week,” he is quoted to have said.