City Council to allocate land to affected traders

City Council to allocate land to affected traders
Mayor of Juba City Council Kalisto Lado and his Deputy Mayor for Infrastructure and Development, Thiik Thiik Mayardit during the cleaning exercise on Saturday (photo credit: JCC)

The Mayor of Juba City Council Kalisto Lado has said the traders affected by the recent demolition exercise would be allotted pieces of land.

However, Kalisto cautioned that the move should not be considered as compensation for the unlawful construction along with the road reserves.

Last month several traders who were affected by the demolitions presented their petition to the Central Equatoria State Chamber of Commerce demanding that Juba City Council compensates them for their property lost.

They also appealed for land to be allotted to them.

Speaking to The City Review in an exclusive interview on Monday, Kalisto disclosed that Juba City Council has planned to allot land to the traders as required by the law.

He stressed that the council understood the plight of the traders but he also urged them to be patient as there were underway plans.

“In the first place, there is no compensation for anybody who builds along the road, or for anybody who illegally occupies a piece of land that is not his or hers. In our policy and our strategic plan, we are expanding the market and we are creating more markets for our traders. So, all our traders who lack shops or land for construction of their shops will have pieces of land,” he explained.

 “This is in our plan that is going to be executed. It is one thing to have land and it is also one thing to identify those traders who are already practicing the business. We shall create enough opportunities for our traders,’’ he went on to add.

Mr. Lado called on the citizens to join hands in making Juba clean to meet the standards of all the cities of the world.

He maintained that their programs were for the benefit of the citizens, adding that they should not be seen as enemies but brothers.

 “We are equal to the rest of the world so we must adapt to cleanliness. People should not say cleaning of Juba is the responsibility of the Juba City Council alone. It is a responsibility of everybody so let the people of South Sudan [must] cooperate and work together with Juba City Council to put things in order,” Kalisto stressed.

 “Let us love our country and Juba as our capital city. Let us love it and work hard to make it clean and organized. If we have a love for our country and people and we are hardworking.”