Chief told to arrest Mundri road attacker

Chief told to arrest Mundri road attacker

Police officers in Witto Payam of Mundri East County, Western Equatoria State (WES), has ordered the area chief to apprehend a man armed with arrows who attacked a motorcyclist along Juba-Mundri Road on Monday.

A 22-year-old man was attacked and injured by an unidentified arrow man while travelling from Juba to Mundri.

“The incident happened two days back. “Someone [was] coming from Juba to Mundri and when he reached my area, Jambo, [an assailant] attacked him and shot him with an arrow,” St Lt. Simon Jenesio, Witto Payam Police Inspector, revealed to The City Review on Tuesday. 

According to police inspector Jenesio, the incident happened at around 6 pm in an area called Bidoro, where the chief area resides.

Jenesio said after the unidentified arrow man shot the 22-year-old man, the victim did not stop and the attacker tried to chase him for some distance but he never got him after sped off.

As a result, he was able to ride for a short distance before the arrow’s power ran out,” the officer explained further.

He said after the victim became weak, he fell off the motorcycle and was rescued by some passengers who were on a vehicle travelling to Mundri.

“We carried out some investigation and established that the incident happened near the house of an area chief, and being the chief in the area, he was supposed to apprehend [the suspect], but he never did that. The criminal could be just from the area, ” he stressed.

The Mundri East County government has also confirmed the incident.

“We gave the chief and other leaders in the area two days to apprehend the person behind the attack even if they cannot arrest, but at least, identify for us the suspect so that we deal with the person,” he added

The police inspector said there was no clear reason, but he suspected that the assailant may have been trying to steal the motorcycle.

“Although there is no clear reason that could have motivated the attack, I guess he was targeted because of the motorbike; it was new.”

He said it was the second time that such an incident had happened in the same area.