CES to import more food during Christmas festivities

CES to import more food during Christmas festivities
Bags of Sugar off-loaded in Juba location branch upon its arrival (photo credit: Central Equatoria Gubernatorial Press Unit)

The Central Equatoria State is planning more importation of food items from Uganda during the December period to meet the high demands caused by festivities. 

The Commissioner-General for Investment Authority and Cooperation, Tereza Angelo Lagarous, said the first consignment of the food items imported last month had finished.

This comes after the first consignment of the food items imported by the state last month got finished. 

Last month, the CES government established food selling points in Juba to ease the prices of food commodities to ordinary citizens in Juba. 

The authorities established three food stores in Juba, Kator, Gudele, Lomongaba where items were sold at half of the prices in the market.

Plan for more

“We have a plan to bring another consignment probably it will be in the first week of December. We have to look for more money to bring more than what we brought last time,” Tereza told The City Review in a telephone interview yesterday.

He revealed that the services would be extended to other counties within the state so that other communities will be able to buy food at affordable prices. 

The prices of the food items are lower than what is in the markets. A maize flour retails at SSP9,000 per 50 Kg and1 Kg of maize is sold at less than SSP300.

According to Tereza, wheat flour, cooking oil and sugar were all out of stock but only the beans and maize flour are available. 

“We need to think bigger so that we go out to cover most of the areas within Juba town and may go beyond to other counties. I have seen the citizens are happy and in the future instead of them coming to us we want to take the service near to them,” she said  

She said they planned to open more selling points in Gumbo, Gurei, and Jebel Yesua so that services can be available to all citizens.

The food items imported included brown sugar (1,500 bags of 50 Kgs), maize flour (1,500 bags of 50kg), wheat flour (1,500 bags of 50 Kg), and Cooking Oil (1,500 Jericans). 

Speaking during the launch last month, Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony said the state enjoys rich agricultural background but the war has interrupted agricultural activities.

He said the imported food items will help address food insecurity. He added that his government was ready to open investment in all aspects including education and health.

Adil added that the authority in the state planned to open more branches at the county levels so that all the people can benefit from the initiatives.

In the first quarter of 2020, the humanitarian situation in Central Equatoria State (CES) and Eastern Equatoria State (EES) remained critical.

These regions are largely inaccessible due to resource constraints and limited accurate information that should be available to humanitarian actors to inform their response.