CES installs food distribution points to curb prices

CES installs food distribution points to curb prices
Central Equatoria State Governor Emmanuel Anthony Adil (photo credit: courtesy)

Central Equatoria State (CES) government through its investment authority and cooperation has set up points distributing food items in Juba, saying the initiative will allow citizens to access them cheaply.

The Governor of Central Equatoria State Emmanuel Adil Anthony said the tones of the food items that were availed in Juba would be for the ordinary people to address the alarming food insecurity in the state.  

He said his government would extend the initiative to other counties in the state

The food items stocked at the distribution points include brown sugar (1,400 bags of 50 Kgs), maize flour (1,500 bags of 50kg), wheat flour (1,500 bags of 50 Kg), and cooking oil (1,500 Jerrycans).   

“This state was the agricultural backbone but because of the war, our agriculture got affected,” the Governor said, during the launch of the imported food items by Central Equatorial State.

He added: “This is to address food security. We are open to all aspects of investments, from education to health and all the sectors. [Investors should] come and invest in this country. We have decided to bring the food because we are aware of all the challenges,” he added.

He said the state is going to open more branches in the counties so that all the people can benefit from the initiative.

“There are people who are in dire need of food [and] we need this initiative to address all the problems concerning food, “he said.

The Commissioner-General for Equatoria Investment Authority and Cooperation, Tereza Angelo Lazarous said the food brought from the companies at the wholesale prices are meant for the vulnerable people who cannot afford market prices

She said the branches will be extended to Gumbo, Gurei, and Jebel Yesua for everybody to get the available food at very affordable prices.

She added that the price lists will vary in all the centers so that everybody gets access to food.

Meanwhile, the CES government has also launched development plans in a bid to accelerate the devolution exercise.

The development plan is expected to run from 2021-2024 and is aimed at articulating the state strategic planning.

In the first quarter of 2020, the humanitarian situation in Central Equatoria State (CES) and Eastern Equatoria State (EES) remained critical.

These regions are largely inaccessible due to resource constraints and limited accurate information that should be available to humanitarian actors to inform their response.