CES food stores to sell at half market prices

CES food stores to sell at half market prices
Truck waiting to be offloaded after the arrival with food items in Juba (photo credit: Kidega Livingstone/The City Review)

The Central Equatoria State government has revealed a plan to cushion ordinary consumers from inflation by selling imported food commodities at half of the market prices.

The State Investment Authority and Cooperation, Commissioner General, Tereza Angelo Lazarus, said they have finalized the list of prices and that it will soon be out.

“We have been in the meeting this afternoon [yesterday] so that we can come up with the list of the retail prices of these food items. By tomorrow or next [day], the list will come out,” Tereza told The City Review on a telephone interview yesterday.

 “At the moment, we have a point of sale at Sahri Betary in Gudele, Kator along Albino road and Juba town near our office. We are going to establish other points in the remaining places,” she added.

On Wednesday, the CES launched the sale of food items in Juba such as brown sugar (1,500 bags of 50 Kgs), maize flour (1,500 bags of 50kg), wheat four (1,500 bags of 50 Kg), and Cooking Oil (1,500 Jericans). 

Speaking during the launch, Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony said the state enjoys rich agricultural background but the war has interrupted agricultural activities.

He said the imported food items will help address food insecurity. He added that his government was ready to open investment in all aspects including education and health.

Adil added that the authority in the state planned to open more branches at the counties level so that all the people can benefit from the initiatives.