Central Equatoria approves e-governance system

Central Equatoria approves e-governance system
Dr. Andraga Severino Mabe, Central Equatoria State Minister of Information (photo credit: Keji Janefer/The City Review)

The Council of Ministers of Central Equatoria State, chaired by governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony, on Thursday approved the transition of the state government from an analogue system of governance to an electronic system.

This was after the State Minister of Cabinet Affairs presented a Memorandum of Understanding the government signed with a company called Max to the council for deliberation on the transition of the government to e-governance in the state secretariat.

Addressing reporters after the council’s meeting number 12, Dr Andraga Severino Mabe, Central Equatoria State Minister of Information, said the E-governance system will help the government to improve the economy of the state in terms of its programming and tax collection.

“In the e-governance system, we are abandoning analogue systems and moving to digital, which will be efficient in economic improvement. This means the government will measure its efficacy in programing and in improving its tax base and tax collection, ” said Andraga.

Andraga said the memo was approved by the council of ministers with some amendments and the ministries’ concerns were directed to improve the document and present it to the council within two weeks for further consideration.

Andraga said the cabinet has also approved a proposed amount of $1.8 million for purchasing new equipment to transform the status of Equator Broadcasting Cooperation from analogue to digital.

“The members of the council unanimously approved that a certain amount of money should be wired to that company, called Future Arts Broadcast Trading. They are ready and when they receive the money, they will come and install the new equipment at EBC, and we hope the image of EBC will be transformed, ” he said.

At the same meeting, the minister said the upkeep for constitutional post holders in the state was passed and that the governor directed it to be incorporated into the proposed budget of the state, as per the State constitution, so that constitution post holders do not go outside the law.