Cases of malaria, diarrhoea spike in Pibor

Cases of malaria, diarrhoea spike in Pibor
One of the areas most affected by floods in Pochalla in Greater Pibor Administrative Area (photo credit: Courtesy)

Authorities in Greater Pibor Administration Area have raised an alarm over the increasing cases of malaria and diarrhoea in the area attributed to flooding.

The Minister of Information in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area Jay Adingora Alual said cases being registered at the hospital range from 50 to 80 a week.

He said the flooding was worsening especially along the rivers of Pibor and Kengen; and around Lilibok and Lothila streams.

Alual reiterated that Pochalla, Obtho, and Akobo rivers have busted leading to the destruction of crops in the area.

“We are now afraid of the outbreak of water-borne diseases which have started with few cases reported,” Alual told The City Review on a telephone interview yesterday.

He hinted that people far from the main town of Pibor and Pochalla were most affected as they did not have access to the health units.

“There is a need for humanitarian assistance and we urge NGOs to reach them to save them from the danger,” Alual stated.

“The floods have affected businesses in the area. We learned that cattle traders from Pibor to Juba have been blocked by the floods and have [had] to return to Pibor with their cattle,” he added.

Minister of Health and Environment in Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) Achon John Giro said the floods have contaminated all sources of drinking water in the area.

“The number of people affected by diarrhoea and malaria has increased in the hospital to 80 per week due to the torrential rains that resulted in the floods,” Giro stated.

He said the Pibor Primary Health Care Centre is located near the river and that there was an underway plan to relocate the facility to the highland areas.

“Right now the river is full and all the water is coming out and now even the people around the market area have started relocating from the areas.”

Minister Giro urged the residents in GPAA to be careful about the situation and to take early precautions while appealing for humanitarian supports.