Calm returns to DRC-South Sudan border

Calm returns to DRC-South Sudan border

The Western Equatoria State Minister of Information, William Adriano Baiki, has said calm has returned to Nabia-Pai town in Yambio County following fighting between drunkard Congolese men and South Sudanese men that left four people dead and three others injured.

William said the state government has formed a security committee headed by the county commissioner of Yambio and  South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) were deployed at the border to contain fighting along the border.

He said the situation had reverted to normal.

Last Saturday, citizens from the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudanese clashed at the border town of Nabia-Pai, leading to casualties and fear.

As the Congolese forces were sitting in the same place sipping their liquor, Luis John, one of the South Sudanese policemen said to have already been intoxicated, topped up his glass with that of one Congolese soldier.

However, while drunk, he misplaced his phone and started asking an unidentified Congolese man who was drinking close to him about the whereabouts of his phone.

The Congolese said he did not have John’s phone or his ID card, which the latter claimed were lost. John then returned to the barracks, took his gun and came back to where the Congolese man sat.

He shot the Congolese man with whom he had quarrelled, and the forces from the two neighbouring countries exchanged fire in self-defence.

According to William, three Congolese nationals were shot dead on the spot and one soldier was injured in the process. He said one South Sudanese woman was killed and two other South Sudanese sustained injuries.

Crimes in Yambio County                   

Western Equatoria has been ravaged by a series of crimes, including murder, attempted murder, rape, and so forth.

Last month, William survived an attempted assassination by a whisker, a similar attack to the one he also escaped in August.

The Press Secretary in the Office of Governor Alex Daniel said the guards apprehended one of the criminals but are awaiting investigations. However, the outcome of the investigation is not yet known.

In September, the commissioner of Yambio, Hussein Enoka, said he had survived a fatal attack.

Armed men who were riding on a motorcycle attacked his home in Yambio and opened fire, but his bodyguards repulsed them.

Two weeks ago, the home of the mayor of Yambio town was also attacked by unknown gunmen.

In July, the bodyguard of the State Minister of Health was killed by armed men on an official mission.