“Be grateful and appreciative to the little thing you have”

“Be grateful and appreciative to the little thing you have”

No one deserves life in the darkness,

not knowing where you are- a lost soul,

walking there searching but find nothing.

A life without any goal, there’s something

that is broken inside, but that’s where the light

gets in, you get a little lightness back and you get

hope inside of you the light of life. You deserve a

place in the lightness, and you will be getting better.

And you are grateful to be back into the light.

You have lost your way for a while but now you are back.

Never have fear of the darkness; it’s just a part of life.

 You need darkness and lightness in this world,

Being healed has the ability to make you feel enlightened,

And it makes you humble that there are powers in this world,

Who has helped you when you were not expecting this?

It’s good to know that there’s a higher power that has helped you

at the moment when you needed it the most.

You are thankful, and appreciate the little things in life.

It is the little things that make you happy,

You don’t always have to achieve the big goals in life.

Do the things that you love to do, that’s where you can find your happiness.

Find peace inside of you, enjoy every day that you are alive.

The opportunity and the chances that you get, every day again.

You don’t have to live in the dark, find your way back into the light.

Everyone is deserving this-to find themselves back when they are feeling lost.

Life can be so good, but you must see it.

Your piece lies in the simple things in life,

Mostly the things that cost you nothing,

Like the smile of an unknown, saying hello

To you, having a cup of coffee with your family,

Taking a shower at the end of the day.

Just the regular things an ordinary life.

With that little moment of luck.

You must have an eye for it.

Never give up hope, don’t lose your hope,

Nothing is certain in your life, your future will

Always being a question mark. Just see the good things,

at least try it, you don’t have to stay in the dark.

The writer is a patriotic citizen and upcoming poet writing to inspire change; he can be reached at awilyommadut@gmail.com or via phone/WhatsApp +211921626885