Be friendly to media if you want to succeed

Be friendly to media if you want to succeed

Before the birth of the media, people were using the traditional methods of sending information. In most African traditional societies, the chiefs and the local community leaders could use a drum telegraph of communication. The bigger the drum the further the sound could be heard and some communities could strike iron metal-bell ringing to send information to the community members mostly when they need them for a gathering. 

However, when it is special information to be delivered to a particular person, say from the chief to another; they could use their messengers to deliver the message orally. So, today with the invention of modern media things have greatly changed and the advancement in technologies has made the world become a global village.

In this contemporary world, the media play an important role in increasing public awareness and collecting views, information, and opinion toward certain issues. For you to make your message reach a wider audience, it is very important to work with media. Unfortunately, some people still believe that they can succeed with the media or make their voices be heard without even working with the media. This is a total lie! If one wants to succeed, one must have to be friendly to the media. 

Media is the most powerful tool of communication and everyone has to note that without the media, people in societies would be isolated, not only from the rest of the world but also for the total formation of the creditable world.

In the emerging world of technologies and increased awareness, society needs to be informed about what is going around them and the whole at large and you cannot stop the media from informing the public unless someone wants to take the world back to the old days of primitive life.

We are living in a century of knowledge and awareness that gives a huge role to the media.  The professional media is often guided by principle and the law which its media purpose is to inform, educate and entertain the public and it is not destroying the society as some people do perceive.

Therefore, the world would not be a better place without the media even just for one minute and this is the reality. It is because each time we want to watch the television, listen to the radio, read newspapers and find out what is happening around us. If there is a world without the media, society will be in the darkness of knowledge. The media has the role to present a very responsible role for our society including leaders.

Don’t forget media can also help in promoting the leaders who are friendly to them for instance the former United States President Donald  Trump was unable to win the second term in office simply because was not friendly to the media.