Aweil girl raped under gunpoint loses court case

Aweil girl raped under gunpoint loses court case

A 17-year-old girl who was raped at gunpoint in Aweil has lost a court case against John Yel Angok (43), the suspect and clerk of Aweil High Court.

The girl who cannot be named for ethical reasons was allegedly raped in 2019 by Mr Yel who was 41 years old at the time she was staying with her nephew, a neighbour to the accused, all residing in Mathiang residential area in Awiel town.

The City Review established that the girl was raped after being threatened by the court clerk at night that she will be killed by pistol, forcing her to submit and sleep with the accused till morning.

Gnashing an excruciating pain, the girl, who was only 15 years old at the time, reported the case to her nephew Mr Awol Got, who immediately filed a police report and obtained a form 8 to allow the victim to seek treatment at an MSF hospital after a rape confirmation.

The police referred the case to the high court of Aweil for trial where Mr Yel, the suspect, is working as a court clerk.

Realising this, the accused refused and blocked attempts for the case not to be presided by any judge at Aweil High Court, ordering that the case be tried in Aweil West or Aweil East alleging personal grudges with judges at Aweil High Court that initially condemned him to five years imprisonment.

The accused then went to the Court of Appeals where the judgment was passed in his favour. The City Review was reliably informed that Mr Yel opened a “defamation” case against the victim to reclaim the money spent through the court processes.

He is demanding SSP 2,500,000 and has since asked the court that the victim and complaint, who is the nephew of the girl, table SSSP1,250,000 each.

Fearing for his life, the complainant, Mr Got, fled to Khartoum and the victim was arrested and detained for four weeks in custody before getting released on the order from Northern Bahr el Ghazal State Governor, Tong Akeen Ngor.