Army General murdered in Maridi County

Army General murdered in Maridi County

Authorities in Maridi County say they have apprehended three people suspected of shooting and killing three people including Brig. Gen. Abraham Chol Kuch in Maridi County of Western Equatoria State.

Western Equatoria State Minister of Information William Adriano Baik told City Review that the incident happened on Monday night at around 9 PM.

Adriano identified two of the three deceased saying the identity of one of the victims was yet to be established.

“Among the people killed are Brig. Gen. Abraham Chol Kuch and Abraham Mabior Kuch his brother and one other person whose name is not yet confirmed,” he said in a phone interview.

William explained that Chol was deployed many times around WES and was recently promoted to the position of Brigadier General and that he was transferred to Maridi as the Chief Inspector of Police.

“He stayed yesterday up to 9 PM. Unknown gunmen came and attacked his house, he was shot to death including his brother and the criminals ran away,” he said.

He added that three suspects have been arrested by security organs in the county in connection with the shooting.

The Minister said the county’s authorities were in the process of transferring them from the police custody to the army barrack as of Tuesday.

The murder is the latest in a series of killings involving high-profile people in Western Equatoria State amid biting inter-ethnic violence.