Alla-jabu urged to shield Juba traders, champion city facelift

Alla-jabu urged to shield Juba traders, champion city facelift

The newly sworn-in mayor of Juba City Council, Michael Lado Alla-jabu, has been directed to mend the broken ties between the city council and the traders.

Speaking during the mayor’s swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday, the Governor of Central Equatoria State, Emmanuel Adil Anthony, blamed some officers at the Juba City Council for imposing high taxes on traders, and he directed the new mayor to address the matter.

He said Alla-jabu must work closely with the line ministries within the state to address the issue of high taxes on traders.

“There are some few [officers] of the Juba City Council who put on their uniform and communicate wrongly and [give] untruths to traders and citizens while collecting taxes,” Adil said.

Restoring sanity

He shocked those who attended the ceremony as he revealed that some officers had gone an extra mile of deceiving the traders to pay money for the office of the governor, while in reality, he had not issued any of such a directive.

“I have been told that there is money collected in my name; we need to take action now.”

Governor Adil disclosed that President Salva Kiir had also directed the new mayor to upgrade Juba City to meet international standards.

According to Adil, President Kiir said Juba is the capital city of South Sudan that houses everybody; including foreign diplomats, United Nations agencies, and the presidency, and therefore it must be clean and secured.

“Your job [mayor] is to change the attitude of our people who are littering [the city] anyhow. We must correctly do the thing because it is the city where everybody from different places lives. All the actions we are taking must meet the international standards,” Adil said.

“Keep Juba clean and safe because it is the national capital and has to have a national and international [image],” he added.

 Adil said the state government officials at different ministries should take the example of other African countries especially in handling matters of security.

“We wanted to see that people were sleeping on the roads without being harmed. Now that the issue of gunshots has reduced in Juba, we should continue to work collectively hard,” Governor Adil stressed.

 He reiterated that Juba as a capital city where international communities and leaders of the African countries are hosted require maximum respect from the citizens

The Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement, Moro Isaac Jenesio, blamed the former administration of the Juba City Council for breaking the law by conducting an independent demolition without involving other line institutions in the state.

“As we do demolition, there are many criteria the line ministries should be involved in. We don’t want to be sued by those who have been victimised by the government of the central equatorial state,” he said.

“We want to see that there is a change in the Juba City Council because the relationship between the Juba City Council and business communities there is a gap and they want to sue the council,” Moro said. 

Alla-jabu promised to work closely with all the institutions to make sure that Juba City is upgraded to international standards.

“I promise to deliver my duties upon Juba City Council. I will work with all the leaderships without discrimination including businesspeople investors and government-related institutions,” he said.

Speaking at the same occasion, the Mayor of Kapoeta Municipality, Lokude Lonya said the authorities of Kapoeta town felt share the experience with Juba City Council as they pursue the same work to deliver better service to the citizens.

He said Kapoeta and Juba City have a lot of things in common.

The new mayor was appointed last Saturday by the Governor of Central Equatoria State, Emmanuel Adil Anthony, after relieving Kalisto Lado on Thursday night last week.

Mayor Michael served as Speaker of Juba City Council Legislative Assembly from 2014 to 2018 and was later taken as Deputy Commissioner General for Central Equatoria State Revenue and Regulatory Authority and of recently taken to the office of the Vice President for Economic Cluster, James Wani Igga to serve as press secretary in the office of the Vice President.