Agony as family of 11 wiped out in Nimule accident

Agony as family of 11 wiped out in Nimule accident

Twelve people died and four were others wounded in a motor vehicle accident along Juba-Nimule road, the police have reported.

The Police Spokesperson, Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin told The City Review on Sunday morning that the accident occurred in a village known as Ame near Magwi road junction when a fuel tanker overran a passenger car en route to Nimule on Saturday evening.

“The accident happened at around 1 to 2 pm and as a result, 12 people died and four [others were] injured. They included three children and the driver. Our forces went there and took the bodies to Nimule because the accident occurred at Magwi junction in a village called Ame,” said Maj. Gen. Justin.

However, according to an eyewitness who preferred anonymity, the driver of the passenger car later died, raising the total death toll to 13.

“The Noah was from Juba going to Nimule, and it had a man and his wife plus children then a fuel tanker ran over the car and killed all the passengers.

Family wiped out

“The only people who survived were the driver and another child, but the information we received later was that the driver has already passed on.

“The man, his wife and nine children died on spot. It was a horrific accident and the fuel tanker got burnt completely,” he said.

This marked the latest in a series of fatal accidents along the country’s major lifeline route that have claimed several lives.

In June this year, a Noah overturned at Moli village on Juba-Nimule road killing two women and injuring five passengers. The police attributed the accident to speeding.

“Every time we tell those [drivers] that let us try to drive slowly so that you reach because you are carrying lives, but they don’t heed to our calls,” Capt. David Khasmiro, the Nimule town council police inspector said in June.

Some lawmakers representing Eastern Equatoria State at the national parliament earlier called for the renovation of the Juba-Nimule road to reduce the rate of accidents.