15 jailed for looting rice in Lainya County

15 jailed for looting rice in Lainya County
15 people pictured behind bars (photo credit: courtesy)

At least 15 suspects in Lainya County of Central Equatoria State have been sentenced to four-month imprisonment for looting six sacks of rice from a commercial truck.

The vehicle was transporting food items from Juba to Yei River County when it overturned in Lainya.

The Press Secretary for Lainya County Commissioner, Bida Lokoyome, said the truck overturned around Logwili Boma in Lainya County prompting the driver to ask for help from the local youth to offload and reload the goods.

“They agreed on SSP 100,000 to carry out the work but after completing [it], the money to be paid to them was not enough. The diver decided to go to Lainya to get the money but in the process, they did not trust the driver so they took four sacks of rice,” he said.

Lokoyome added that when the driver brought the balance of the payment, he realized that some of his goods were missing and he reported the case to the police.

He said all the 15 men were immediately arrested and taken to police custody last Friday.

“On the same day they were taken to court and the court sentenced them to four months imprisonment for breaking the agreement they had with the driver by taking the rice yet the driver was going to pay them.

So, taking someone’s property without their permission is not acceptable,” he said.

According to the driver, 6 bags of rice were missing but only two were recovered.

 “Four sacks were missing and they denied that they only picked two but now no one knows whether they sold those bags of rice,” Lokoyome explained.