10 mourners survive Luri bridge accident

10 mourners survive Luri bridge accident

At least 10 mourners have been rescued after a Landcruiser they were travelling in overturned at the notorious Luri Bridge as they attempted to cross the overflowing river on Thursday morning.

“This morning a land cruiser carrying a dead body and the mourners who travelling from Juba to Yambio Western Equatoria State, overturned at Luri Bridge while trying to cross,” said Akulu Ma Aku yesterday. Aku is a police officer who manned the Luri Bridge checkpoint at the time of the incident.

Aku said all the mourners including the body of the deceased were recovered.

 “They were lucky because all of them were saved by the area youth, I have seen nine of them already here but somebody told me that there is one on the other side of the river and he is also safe. I think they are about 9 or 10.”

He added the mourners sustained minor injuries.

Another eyewitness told The City Review that the incident happened at 7 am.

A local media from Western Equatoria State reported that the vehicle was ferrying the remains of the late Anna Nandubia who passed on in Juba last week.

“It is confirmed that all the passengers are safe and the dead body has also been recovered.”

The bridge collapsed in 2012 and has claimed several lives whenever it rains.

In September this year, two different incidents happened where four army officers were confirmed dead and 16 others survived after two of their vehicles slipped off the Luri bridge into the river.

The river has remained a black spot with the most shocking incident happening in 2019 when the overflowing river dragged a land cruiser into the water killing up to nine people among them a mother and her four children.